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Eloy, Arizona & Other Detention Centers for Aliens In Deportation

Being in deportation does not mean that the alien will be deported. We provide the strongest defense for those locked up in Eloy's detention center.

The Department of Homeland Security often transfers the aliens in deportation proceedings out of State and houses them in detention centers. One of the detention centers is located in Eloy, Arizona. The reason for such transfers is unavailability of local detention area, and to cut cost. These detention centers have on-site Immigration Judges and courtrooms.

The immediate goal of any qualified attorney, detained alien, and the detained alien's family is to attempt to release the alien by way of a reasonable bond, and to transfer the deportation proceedings back to the alien's local Immigration Court. A motion to change venue should also be tried. Avoiding the immigration courts in the detention centers and transferring the case to the local immigration courts should be a top priority.

Mr. Ballout represented various clients who were detained in the Eloy detention center, and has visited and appeared before the immigration courts in Eloy on many occasions. In a recent matter, the Immigration Judge in Eloy posted a $100,000 bond. Mr. Ballout argued that this bond was excessive before the Board of Immigration Appeals and the BIA reduced the bond to $25,000! The alien was then able to post this lower bond, was released, and his case was transferred to a San Francisco Immigration Judge. The alien was then able to fight his deportation case on the outside, and to return to his work, family and friends.

Local judges and courtrooms are much more convenient and preferable. The attorney for any detained alien in a detention center should use all his/her legal skills to return the alien home, and to the local courts!

Being in deportation proceeding does not mean that the alien will be deported. Depending on the particular circumstances and facts, an alien can prevail by applying for and obtaining legal status in the United States. On many occasions, and in the 17 years of experience in deportation courts, Mr. Ballout assisted eligible aliens to obtain permanent legal status from the immigration judges. Many once detained aliens in deportation proceedings have eventually become law abiding, proud and productive United States citizens.

Let us study your Eloy deportation case, and tell you or your family if you qualify for relief. You will get a straight answer from us. Actual deportation has devastating consequences on the alien and his/her family. You should entrust this important defense to the best and most qualified attorney. Mr. Ballout is admitted to the United States Supreme Court, and is authorized to appear in all immigration courts in all states. Mr. Ballout understands the social and economic devastation caused by the actual deportation of an individual. We also work with criminal law attorneys to attempt to vacate certain State court convictions, which may have lead to the arrest of the alien in the first place.

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