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Petition for Alien Fiance(e) or Spouse

Petition for Alien Fiance(e) or Spouse

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Green Card Application Assistance

Green Card Application Assistance

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Representation of Individuals in Immigration & Deportation/Removal Cases

Representation of Individuals in Immigration & Deportation/Removal Cases

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Immigration Detention Centers

Immigration Detention Centers

Detained by ICE? We are immigration and deportation defense attorneys with 22 years experience.  We defend detained aliens in Immigration…

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Immigration Holds

Immigration Holds and Deportation Holds Lawyers

We have over 20 years helping immigrants with deportation holds fight their case in immigration courts. If someone knows they have an immigration hold, they should seek the assistance of an immigration attonrey familiar with these issues as soon as possible. Acting quickly in these cases often can make a huge difference.

When your family member or loved one is arrested by ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement), you may call ICE at the phone numbers provided below, to find out where this person is being detained. We recommend that you ask the following questions:

Questions you can ask ICE officer if your loved one is being detained:

  1. Confirm the name of the person you are seeking information about - it may be that another agency (state or federal) has custody of him/her;
  2. Ask about the exact location (jail) where the person is being detained;
  3. Get a direct phone # of the jail where the person is being jailed;
  4. Ask about the charges ICE has against the person in custody;
  5. Ask whether ICE has set a bond for that person's release, if so ask how, when and where you can pay the bond. If you cannot afford the bond set by ICE, do know that Immigration judges in general impose lesser amount of bond, but you must wait for a hearing before a judge;
  6. If the person has specific medical needs, or special circumstances (i.e. our office was able to release a breastfeeding mom from custody right away without a bond) be sure to tell ICE officer about it;
  7. If the person is under specific medications, be sure to take it to ICE officer;
  8. Be sure to get an Alien # of the person being detained, so you may share it with a qualified deportation lawyer; and
  9. Call a qualified immigration holds lawyer immediately as time is of essence in some cases; be sure the attorney specialize in deportation defense. Not all immigration lawyers are qualified to handle deportation defense or removal cases. In fact, a good percentage of our case law involves correcting other attorneys' ineffective assistance to immigrants by way of filing motions to reopen based on ineffective assistance of counsel.
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