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Representation Before All Immigration Courts

Our office represents clients before all local and out of state Immigration Courts. We engineer success and provide unique strategic approach to each deportation case. Join the many clients (legal or illegal immigrants) who were once in deportation proceedings and are now proud U.S. citizens! We develop winning strategies which may take you out of deportation, and into permanent legal residency, and on the way to U.S. citizenship. Your future in the United States is much too important for you and family - we understand this simple concept.

Please note: If the alien is presently detained or about to be transferred to a Detention Center, please click here.

Proven Track Records-Published 9th Circuit Cases

Mr. Ballout is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court as well as the California Supreme Court. Our office concentrates on Appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) and the Ninth (9th) Circuit. Mr. Ballout is admitted to practice immigration law in all 50 states, and travels to various states to best represent your interests. Ask about our published opinions.

Facing Deportation?

Deportation of immigrants and other individuals may result as a consequence for entering the United States illegally. You can also be deported if you are not a citizen and have committed a serious crime.

Immigration issues and deportation occurs when the federal government formally removes an alien from the United States for violating immigration laws. Once deported, an alien may lose the right to ever return to the United States, even as a visitor. Livelihoods and families may be impacted, and in some cases, a deported alien may end up living in a "homeland" that he or she has little familiarity with.

Deportation is a legal proceeding, and anyone who is subject to the procedure has a legal right to challenge it prior to being removed from the country. A legal challenge involves appearances before a government body and the laws involved are complex and constantly changing. As a result, legal representation is essential for your best chance of avoiding deportation.

If you are at risk of being deported, call our deportation and immigration defense attorneys today.

Who We Are and What We Do

Dealing with immigration problems is complicated and you need the best immigration lawyers..
Our office is skilled and knowledgeable in immigration law. We have over 16 years in handling deportation matters. You can be assured that we at the Law Office of Haitham Ballout & Associates have the precise knowledge and experience to successfully handle your case.

Mistakes cost time and money. 
Missing documents or errors can permanently ruin your chances for a successful result. Our immigration attorneys deal with the DHS - Department of Homeland Security (Formerly the INS) every day. Our deportation lawyers are in immigration court every day. We know the deporation processes and procedures so your case is done right the first time.

The United States government recognizes that there are millions of people in this country without valid documents. Many are fearful to return to their own countries due to persecution by their government or by another party from which their government or law enforcement agency cannot protect them. Recent changes in immigration laws have made it difficult for people to fulfill the necessary requirements to suspend deporation. Many immigrants may not know about the changes in procedures or may have been misguided in the past. We can help you through this difficult and complex process.

Discretionary Relief

Voluntary Departure
Cancellation of Removal
Adjustment of Status
Restoration of Permanent Residency Status

Additional Relief

Withholding of Deportation
Claim under Convention Against Torture
Abused Spouse/Child 
Human Trafficking, among others

Administrative and Judicial Relief

Motions to Reopen or Reconsider
Stay of Removal
Appeal to the Board Of Immigration Appeals (BIA)
Federal Appeals- Circuit Courts

Other Areas of Legal Practice - General Civil Practice
Our legal team has experience and knowledge in many areas of law. We represent clients in various civil venues including jury trials, bench trials, arbitration and mediation hearings, as well as local administrative hearings.

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